Conference Information

The BRSG 2020 Annual Conference was online
via Zoom from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on April 4, 2020.

Agenda was:

9:00 AM Welcome/Technical Intro/Opening
9:15 AM Sara S - Tysons, VA
10:15 AM Break/Technical Help
10:30 AM Kelly W - Baltimore, MD
11:30 AM Break/Technical Help
11:45 AM Q & A with Sara & Kelley
12:45 PM Closing
1:00 PM Adjourn

No recording was made of Sara S' talk,
but the other sessions are available below.

Previous Conference Speakers
2006 Mike Q Joe L Valerie D
2007 Brigette R Tom F
2008 Jen F Beth S Stu B
2009 Alicyn J Billy H Don M
2010 Suzy D Wallace B Tom I
2011 Chuck H Susan G Beth H
2012 Lydia O Chisty E Larry O
2013 Dewayne B Joyce R Merv L
2014 Dave D Justine B Sterling W
2015 Dave D Shannon B Rich B
2020 Kelly W Q & A - Sara S & Kelly W